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Business Economics for International Trade and Investment

The Preliminary Syllabus is as follows:


Session 1

 Presentation of the course, exploring students’ and instructor’s

objectives to be accomplished during this term

Session 2

Introduction to International Business Environment

Global Business in the 21st century

Case Study : The Telecommunication Industry

Country Focus : China

Case study : Carrefour, Tesco and Wal-mart : the globalisation pains of the retailing industry

Session 3

Corporate Citizenship, Social responsibility and Ethics

Corruption and International Business

Country Focus : India

Case study : HSBC Corporate Social responsibility

 Session 4

Cultural Context of International Business

Analyzing Culture : two diagnostic tools

Global managers’ and entrepreneurs’ perspective

Country Focus : Russia

Session 5 ( Mid Term Paper Due)

Political and Legal Environment of International Business

The political environment

The legal environment

Country Focus : The Philippines

Case study : West China, the new frontier

 Session 6

Economic Systems and International Trade

Economic systems

International Trade

Comparative advantage theory

Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem

The Leontief paradox

Opposition to Free trade and Globalisation

Country Focus : Mexico

Case study : The internet enabled economy

 Session 7

International Trade, Investment and Regional Integration

Foreign Direct Investment

Country Focus : Canada

Case study : FDI in Emerging Markets

Session 8

Regional Economic Integration

Definition and effects Regional Economic Integration

Regional integration in Europe, the Americas, Asia, MENA and Africa

Country Focus : Germany

Case study : Advancing e-commerce in the APEC region

Session 9

Global Financial System

National and global financial markets

International capital markets

Foreign Exchange Markets

Country Focus : Japan

Case study : Exchange rate debate in New Zealand

Session 10

International Business Strategy

International and Global Strategy

MNE’s orientation and strategy

Country Focus : Romania

Case study ; Intel’s global corporate, busines unit and functional strategies

Global Alliances : Joint Ventures and Mergers and Acquisitions

Key terms and features of JV and M&A

Managing Global Stategic Alliances

Country Focus : Hungary

Case study : Chrysler/Fiat

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