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The Preliminary Syllabus is as follows:


Session 1

Presentation of the course, exploring students’ and instructor’s

objectives to be accomplished during this term

Session 2

The Geoeconomic Reality of Globalisation

How will developed nations continue to thrive in the face of two rising giants : China and India?

Session 3

Trade as the Engine of Economic Growth

Ricardo’s comparative advantage theory

Mixed economies folllowing WWII

Session 4

The European Union : a collection of inward-looking nation-states in an outward-looking confederation. Enlargement, dilution, sovereignty, lack of political legitimacy : problems and challenges

Session 5 ( Mid Term Paper Due)

Bloc challenges and regional competition


Asia (ASEAN)

Caribbean (CARICOM)


 Session 6

Competition between the blocs

The Six Flows of Economic Integration

Session 7

Realignment of Industrial Policy

The role of governements, privatisation of public entreprises, incentives for quality, innovation and productivity

Renewal of Bloc Infrastructures

Infrastructures and Economic Development

Information, Energy and Financial Infrastructures

Session 8

Bloc Centric Trade and Investment

Japan-China Axis

Russia-Germany-France axis

Intra-bloc trade and investment

Realignment of Currency

Growth through Emerging Markets

Session 9

Rationalisation of Domestic Industry

Sector specialisation

Removing government subsidies

Session 10

Obstacles to the Realignment of Markets

An entrenched Domestic Private Sector

Political Gridlock

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