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Geo Economics make-up subjects

Dear Students,

Please find here below the topics available for make-up.  You must complete them in the order given.  You will find dealines noted below.

CHAPTER ONE (deadline July 15) :

  • Explain David Ricardo’s theory of Comparative Advantage
  • Explain the upheavals in 1990 and their consequences on Globalisation
  • Explain the phenomenon of Economic growth
  • Explain the “Deyouthing of Europe”
  • Explain Alternatives to American Dominance

CHAPTER TWO (deadline July 30) :

Using the trade blocs examined in Chapters 3-6, pick a country, yours if possible, and do a case study of how this country has intregrated (or not) and benefited (or not) from the conditions of one of the following trade agreements.  Should you not see your country or a particular trade agreement on the list below, please contact me.  The case study should be 5-7 pages.


  • the European Union


  • FTAA

3)  ASIA



  • ECOWAS and other trade agreements


CHAPTER THREE (deadline August 15 : EXTENDED to AUGUST 20)

Using Chapter 8 as a starting point and tying in the work we have been doing in Energy Resources, use the subject of “Realignment of Industrial Policy” to explain how your country has been able to achieve this by paying special attention to :

  • ideology free policy
  • privatization of public entreprises
  • incentives for quality, innovation and productivity
  • stimulating economic growth
  • environmental growth  (On this last point, tie in your final presentation in Energy Resources as the final point of this last assignment)

Please add in four major policy areas  in national infrastructures, which are found on page 252 :

  • transportation
  • information
  • energy
  • financial

This final Chapter should be 10 pages long.

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