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Strategic and Applied Behavior to Arts & Culture


Academic School Year 2011/2012


MK433 : Strategic and Applied Consumer Behavior towards Art & Culture

Instructor Information: Name: Ellen WASYLINA, DEA                

Email address: ; class website :

Class Sessions:

Room     –  CAMPUS   Nation  –  


Course Description  & Objectives:

This course is about understanding and managing consumer behavior in the Arts & Cultural realm.  It is based on theory and project work since behavior , as all social sciences are heavily experiential by nature. The course comprises lectures, discussions, readings, case studies and outings to be presented as a team project


It is the responsibility of both the student and the instructor to evaluate learning and performance during the class. Evaluation during the course will take place in several ways.  Elements to be evaluated will be the following:

Student performance

Use of exams and projects to assess student learning


  • PARTICIPATION: Your participation is required as this interactive class depends on what you put into it. Therefore, you will receive an “invisible” grade for your efforts.
  • ATTENDANCE:Class attendance is mandatory.

Instructor performance

  1. Use of questionnaires and essays to assess whether or not objectives for class were met

  2. Use of the course evaluation questionnaire


Class Project and Assignment

Detailed instructions for the project and case assignments will be given during the first session.


Tests and exam will consist of short answers or short essay questions.  The exams will cover the material discussed in class and the assigned reading.

The exams are not cumulative and will cover only the material contained for the weeks specified prior to the exam.  Hence, the final exam is simply your last exam.  You are required to take both exams. 


All students are expected to observe the rules and regulations of the college.  Please refer to your student handbook for specific details.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions as to how those rules apply to this class.  Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breeching the rules.  Know that I take cheating very seriously.  If I believe that if a student has not adhered to the policies of the college on any matter, I will refer the matter to the appropriate disciplinary body.


1st meeting,: 1 – Introduction : Globalization and the Global Consumer : acquiring knowledge, culture, history

2 – Projects assignment

3 – Discussion

2nd meeting:1 – Defining and analysing the consumer : Life Style is a determining factor, as is having more free time for leisure : lecture;

2 – Discussion

3rd meeting:   1 –  Arts and Culture : a realm for the rich?  A look at the venues and the policies to democratize culture

2 – Case study n° 1

3  – Discussion

4th meeting:   1 –  Marketing Strategy for defining the behavior of the global consumer Market segmentation

2- Discussion


5th meeting:  1 –: MID-TERM


6th meeting : Global Communication lecture: CULTURAL cross cultural, multilingual

2 – Discussion

7th meeting: 1 – Make it profitable : Ethics, CRM, yield mgt : lecture

2 – Case study n° 2

3 – Discussion

8th meeting:   1 – Strategic COMMUNICATIONS  : TECHNICAL getting the message out using old and new media

2 – Discussion

9th meeting: 1 – Different communication supports in cultural/artistic venues : more cover, more clients, more understanding

2 – Case study n° 3

10th meeting: 1 – Final Presentation of Project Work

2 Conclusion


SESSION ONE, January 17

Globalization and Reluctant Buyers,  International Marketing Review, 2002,

The Failure of the global consumer:the importance of  localization  in the pursuit of globalization,

Understanding the Global Marketing Challenges,

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